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Omicron Delta Epsilon Faculty Advisor Recognition

The Executive Board of Omicron Delta Epsilon appreciates the dedication and work of our chapter advisors, many of whom have been serving their chapters and students for 20, 30, 40 years and more.

Advisors who have served the society for 40 or more years:

Harold F. Williamson - Alpha Chapter of Illinois since 1976
Robert S. Rycroft - Beta Chapter of Virginia since 1979
Robert L. Sexton -  Alpha Gamma of California since 1983

John  Kane -  Phi Chapter of New York since 1983

Advisors who have served the society for 30 to 39 years:     

Dixie Blackley - Alpha Omega Chapter of New York since 1984

Shahruz  Mohtadi - Chi Chapter of MA since 1985

Kathryn Nantz - Delta Chapter of Connecticut since 1987

G. Rod Erfani - Delta Chapter of Kentucky since 1987

Todd P Steen - Theta Chapter of Michigan since 1988

Henry Schwalbenberg - Gamma Chapter of New York since 1988

Mehrdad Madresehee - Mu Chapter of Pennsylvania since 1988

Timothy Phillips - Alpha Nu Chapter of New York since 1990

Kathleen Greer - Nu of Alabama since 1992

Colleen Fahy - Alpha Beta Chapter of Massachusetts since 1992

Richard Mshomba and Elizabeth Paulin - Phi Chapter of Pennsylvania since 1992

Ali Zadeh - Alpha Rho Chapter of Pennsylvania since 1992

Janet Koscianski - Alpha Kappa of Pennsylvania since 1992

Advisors who have served the society for 20 to 29 years: 

Carlena C. Ficano - Alpha Mu Chapter of New York since 1994
David Aske - Zeta Chapter of Colorado since 1995
Kevin M. O'Brien - Gamma Chapter of Illinois since1996

Syed Hussain Ali Jafri - Alpha Beta Chapter of Texas since 1996

Mehdi Haririan - Tau Chapter of Pennsylvania since 1996

Neil Sheflin - Theta Chapter of New Jersey Since 1996
Margaret Brooks - Alpha Delta Chapter of Massachusetts since 1997
Michael R. Gumpper - Alpha Sigma Chapter of Pennsylvania since1997
Brent McClintock - Mu Chapter of Wisconsin since 1997
Jeffrey Pliskin - Beta Theta Chapter of New York since 1997

Mark Kazarosian - Phi Chapter of Massachusetts since 1998 
Yochanan Shachmurove - Alpha Chapter of New York since 1999
Kent R. Grote - Rho Chapter of Illinois since 2000
Randy R. Grant - Beta Chapter of Oregon since 2000
John R. Lovett - Eta Chapter of Texas since 2000
William Lee - Alpha Epsilon Chapter of California since 2000
Rod D. Raehsler - Omega Chapter of Pennsylvania since 2000
Jongsung Kim - Gamma Chapter of Rhode Island since 2000
Chad Settle - Delta Chapter of Oklahoma since 2001
Edd Noell - Alpha Pi Chapter of California since 2002

Jane Caldwell -  Alpha  Chapter of PA since 2002
Jodi Messer Pelkowski - Alpha Chapter of Kansas since 2002

Joseph Santos - Gamma Chapter of South Dakota since 2002
Marshall Gramm - Theta Chapter of Tennessee since 2002
Teresita R. Ramirez - Alpha Pi Chapter of New York since 2003
Todd Idson - Epsilon Chapter of Massachusetts since 2003
Monica Galizzi - Alpha Zeta Chapter of Massachusetts since 2003
Robert P. Cunningham - Zeta Chapter of Michigan since 2003

Shawn Carter - Kappa Chapter of AL since 2003






DISTINGUISHED ECONOMIST AWARD - ODE is very pleased to announce the recipient of the 2024 Distinguished Economist Award: John List of the University of Chicago. The Award presentation will be Jan. 6, 2024 at 12:30 p.m. in the San Antonio Grand Hyatt Seguin B in conjunction with the ASSA meetings. The Presentation will be followed by his lecture, "Field Experiments in Economics: Uses, Abuses, and How They Can Change the World."

ODE Outstanding Student Leadership Award - Chapter advisors, the February 1 deadline for nominations will be here before you know it. Each year up to three winners are chosen to receive ODE Honor Medallions to recognize students who assume active leadership roles in their ODE chapters. Nominations are made by chapter advisors. Don't miss this opportunity to recognize a deserving student and ODE member.

Omicron Delta Epsilon is proud to be a member of ACHS
Association of College Honor Societies