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ODE Grants for Chapter Projects



  • All funding must support activities of an active ODE chapter.

  • Priority will be given to proposals where the chapter actively seeks outside matching funding and where multiple chapters are involved. Matching funds may come from students, the institution, or outside sources.

  • The maximum grant is $500 for chapters without matching funds.  Ode will match one-for-one any external funds obtained by the chapter for the project up to an additional $500.  The maximum grant from ODE is therefore $500 without matching funds and $1000 with $500 in matching funds provided by the chapter. The maximum grant from ODE is $1000 thus supporting a $1500 project.

  • First priority will be given to projects that enhance student development in economics, such as:

    • sponsorship of an outside speaker;

    • activities that encourage scholarly interaction between students and faculty;

    • support of student-produced newsletters, tutoring, community service.

    • Travel may be supported, with priority for student presentations at conferences. Preference is for trips that involve a number of students. Trips to visit an economic institution, such as a regional Fed, receive lower priority.

Grants will not be provided for capital expenditures, initiation dinners, chapter meetings, student wages, etc. Chapters may not receive support for two consecutive years.

Application Process:

All applications must include:

1.  A description of the activity/project, with dates, participants, and anticipated outcome for the chapter and students.

2.  A detailed budget, including all sources of funds.

One EXAMPLE of a well-thought out and clearly presented proposal comes from Clarion University.

Chapters receiving an award must submit a brief report, along with receipts that account for all grant funds. Submit written proposals to:

Chapter Project Committee
Omicron Delta Epsilon
P.O. Box 2096
Fairhope, AL 36533

Electronic submissions are accepted by email.

Application Deadlines:

Fall 2020 grants: April 30, 2020
Spring 2021 grants: October 31, 2020








UPDATE: Advisors can now submit student applications in two ways. You can still collect apps and fees by mail from your students and then either email the completed packet and pay online or send the packet and payment by regular mail. There are no deadlines on when apps can be received, and we will process this semester's students even after graduation -- into the summer and next fall as needed. ALSO, THERE IS NOW AN ONLINE REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT SUBMISSION SYSTEM IN PLACE. All advisors should have received an email recently from Alan Grant on the ODE Executive Board explaining how to use the new system. Using the online system is optional. Either method is acceptable. If you have questions, feel free to call or email us at the central office. Again, we extend our best wishes to you all, and our deep appreciation for the dedication of our advisors working through this time on behalf of their students.


April 30: All chapters are required to submit a chapter report on or before April 30 of each year. The reporting form can be found here and can be either submitted online or printed and mailed in. We will post pertinent information about chapter events in the chapter news section.

April 30: Deadline for submitting your proposal for a Fall 2020 Chapter Project Grant.

The International Executive Board of Omicron Delta Epsilon welcomes new Vice-Presidents, Elizabeth Moorhouse with Lycoming College and Mario Solis-Garcia with Macalester College, to the Board.

ODE SUPERSTARS: The recipient of the 2019 Irving Fisher Award was Hongcen Wei of University of Chicago. The winner of the 2019 Frank W. Taussig Paper Competition was Julie Aaron of Wake Forest University. The 2020 Charles Phillips Outstanding Student Awards went to Shlok Goyal of Carnegie Mellon University, Riley Coviello of University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and Marie Rose Tonguino of University of Oregon.

JOHN R. COMMONS AWARD: The recipient of the 2019 Commons Award was Greg Mankiw of Harvard University.

THE MICHAEL SZENBERG PRIZE for the best article published in the American Economist in 2019 went to Randy Grant and Brittany Teahan of Linfield College.

Omicron Delta Epsilon is proud to be a member of ACHS
Association of College Honor Societies