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By Phone:
(251) 928-0001
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(251) 928-0015
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Farhang Niroomand, Executive Secretary/Treasurer,
Omicron Delta Epsilon,
P.O. Box 2096,
Fiarhope, AL 36533

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ODE is pleased to welcome to the Executive Board, Dr. J.J. Arias of Georgia College and State University and Dr. Rod Raehsler of Clarion University in the positions of Vice President.

The winner of the 2017 Frank W. Taussig Award is Elizabeth Samios of Christopher Newport University. Her paper, "The Effectiveness of Alexander Hamilton's Debt Assumption Plan and the Lasting Effect of His Economic Intervention," is eligible for submission to the American Economist.

The 2017 Distinguished Advisor Award goes to Dr. Daren Conrad of the University of the West Indies. ODE appreciates Dr. Conrad's dedication to the society, the chapter at UWI, and his students.

Dr. David Colander of Middlebury College was the recipient of the 2017 John R. Commons Award. Dr. Colander delivered the Commons Lecture, "The Scope and Method of Applied Policy Economics: The Courage to Be Utopian," at the ASSA meetings in Philadelphia in early January.

Omicron Delta Epsilon is proud to be a member of ACHS
Association of College Honor Societies